MATSMITHS Get handcrafted doormats, bar mats, casino-themed table-toppers, and take your man cave to the next level. Machine washable with up to 5-year guarantees, get yours today. +443306781331



MATSMITHS offers a range of different products in various sizes.

Bar Runner 22cm x 45cm approx. 9" x 17"        
Entranceway 50cm x 75cm approx. 20" x 30"

Main Cave Plain & Area  60cm x 85cm approx. 23" x 33"
  85cm x 120cm  approx. 33" x 47"
  85cm x 150cm approx. 33" x 59"
Keyboard  40cm x 90cm  approx. 35" x 16"

Exercise Bike 75cm x 120cm approx. 30" x 47"

75cm x 150cm approx. 30" x 59"
  75cm x 180cm  approx. 30" x 71"
Knee Saver & Knee Saver Safety 60cm x 85cm approx. 24" x 33"

Golf 50cm x 240cm approx. 20" x 95"
Darts Oche  65cm x 285cm  approx. 26" x 112"

Casino  60cm x 120cm  approx. 24" x 47"

All sizes are approximate and a small level of shrinkage may occur.